MS The Good, The Bad, The Funny

“The smiles are real, but so are the struggles of living with MS.”

Twins Coast 2 Coast

Tamara & Terry agree – “Multiple Sclerosis kicked our asses in 2022!”

As MS advocates who share our honest and authentic life experiences living with a chronic disease, we enjoy sharing the good, the bad and the funny of our MS journey. Before we look back at 2022, we’d first like to thank all of our social media followers, friends and family for all of your love and support through the year. 

Everyone reading this blog has challenges and a story to tell. These life events may take many different forms and the expression may be unique to the individual on his or her journey.Through TwinsCoast2Coast, we have invited people into our lives and journeys. It’s important to us that we be transparent and real to our audience. We have often thought of this journey as “The Good, The Bad and The Funny.”

Let’s start out with “The Good” of the past year.  We launched our Mirror Image Madness podcast and completed 16 podcasts. We had wonderful guests, discussing a wide variety of issues affecting individuals with MS.  This included interesting and exciting members of the MS community, health care professionals and national organizational movers and shakers.

Our blog featured posts on exciting new therapies and equipment to help support the individual with MS including the Lokomat exoskeleton, Vasper fitness technology and the newly FDA approved Cionic neural sleeve. 

We were involved with several high profile events. These included Nancy Davis’ “Race to Erase MS” Gala in Los Angeles.  The funds from this event support the “Center Without Walls” program, a network of the top MS research institutions across the country.  By working together as a team and sharing their findings, the hope is for these institutions to collectively find a way to eradicate MS.  

Terry attended the launch of Botanical Sciences, one of Georgia’s first medical cannabis companies, with founder Dr. Robin Fowler. Montel Williams, one of our podcasts guests was also in attendance. Botanical Sciences donated $5000 in honor of TwinsCoast2Coast to the National MS Society Georgia Chapter as recognition of the consulting she has done for the company..

Tamara led a West coast TwinsCoast2Coast event, partnering with AXR winery of Napa California for a wine tasting and fundraising event. One of the founders of the winery, Kelly Trevethan, was kind enough to attend and donate a percentage of proceeds to help support our nonprofit mission. 

Tamara and Terry were interviewed for The Motivator: MSAA’s national magazine (Summer/Fall 2022 edition.) The magazine explores issues affecting people with MS. The twins discussed a wide range of topics including the impact of aging with MS.

We also realized a childhood dream when we were asked to model in a campaign for EQL Threads. This adaptive wear clothing company provides sustainable fashion with hidden adaptive features that allow for comfort and mobility.

Unfortunately, 2022 included “The Bad.” Terry contracted a severe case of shingles which stimulated trigeminal neuralgia, a disorder that causes sudden and unbearable facial pain. She underwent gamma knife  surgery in order to treat the neuralgia. The episode was emotionally draining and scary for Terry and the entire family.

Tamara’s MS progressed to the point that she needed the daily use of a wheelchair. While a challenging transition, a wheelchair does offer more comfort and stability throughout the day.  Now that we both have wheelchairs, we realized we can be called “rolling ambassadors” for the MS cause!

And “The Funny?”  A good sense of humor is a necessity when dealing with the uncertainties that come from living with MS.  Along the way, we realized that MS also stands for Mighty Sisters!  Through it all, we are thankful for each other and continue to find joy and meaning in life.  

Wishing everyone a Happy New Year!!


Tamara And Terry