Is there anything fun about an MRI?

Anyone who has been challenged to lie still for an hour in an MRI machines knows it’s not usually a pleasant experience!

Tick-tock, click, clatter and pounding noises are the wonderful sounds you hear for an hour or more. Tamara and Terry have had multiple MRIs on an annual basis for more than 25 years – so for them, the highlight is being able to take a nap!  As pros, they’re able to relax during this procedure that can be challenging for anyone who might be claustrophobic.

One may ask – Why do doctors suggest MRIs for people with Multiple Sclerosis?

MRI stands for Magnetic Resonance Imaging. This procedure uses magnets and radiowaves to create pictures of the body. These pictures allow doctors to look for scarring on the brain or spinal cord that could not be discovered using other medical tests. MS scars can show up as bright or dark spots. An MRI can also show active inflammation and help doctors determine the age of the lesions.

On an MRI film, the brain of a person with MS looks similar to a butterfly. It’s one of the reasons the twins use butterflies in their social media posts. As a symbol of transformation, hope and faith, it’s a wonderfully optimistic representation for MS patients everywhere.

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