Oprah’s Favorite Things

1. Tamara and Terry are so excited to share these beautiful Peepers

How many times are you wishing to have stylish comfortable reading glasses. Well, here they are, Tamara and Terry are excited to share them with you.

“Spending long hours on computers and even longer hours in Zoom meetings, our blue light glasses have become especially important recently. Our lenses feature UV protection, anti-glare protection, and are scratch-resistant while also protecting your eyes from more than 40% of high-energy visible (HEV) blue light in the 400-450 nanometer range. “Peeper

 2. Sperry Shoes

Tamara and Terry love the aspects of these shoes because they are accessible. They zip up on the side and are easy to get on.

“Come rain, sleet, or slush, these boots will get you through with a water- resistant, durable design made from recycled polyester. My favorite part: The zipper makes them easy to get on and off”. Sperry

They come in all sizes and colors. Send Tamara and Terry pictures if you purchase them.

3. The Life You Want” Daily Inspiration Cards!

“I start each day with an intention while having a cup of chai. Want to join me? I worked with the Oprah Daily team to create a keepsake box that contains 365 cards (one for each day of the year!). Each is printed with one of my favorite quotes, or a few words from yours truly, on one side and a breathing exercise on the other. It is my hope that this will help make living well a daily practice” Oprah

As you know Tamara and Terry are big fans of meditation and daily affirmations. What a nice gift this would be to anyone from friends, coworkers, family. The nice thing is one can about topic of card. Imagine the beautiful conversations you may have. This is why Tamara and Terry love these cards.

4. Maya J Jewelry Bracelet Hair Ties

Stocking stuffer alert! These ponytail holders are cute enough to double as bracelets until they’re needed to swoop up hair. They come in a set of three, and the yellow or white gold will suit any style.”Maya J Jewelry Bracelet Hair Ties

If you know Tamara and Terry this is always in their repertoire. For those bad hair days, you use these beautiful ties and you can become fashionable and elegant all at once. Watch out you will see Tamara and Terry wearing Maya J Jewelry Bracelet Hair Ties.

5.  ASUTRA Silk Eye Pillow

Superstar Venus Williams is a co-owner of Asutra, the brand that makes this weighted silk eye pillow. It blocks light and is filled with lavender to help you relax. Adjust the strap for fit, remove the inner pouch if you want to make it lighter, or slide in the included gel mask (store it in the freezer) to depuff your eye area.”

Also available at asutra.com

When living with a chronic illness you definitely need to get peaceful sleep. This weighted silk Eye pillow is pure luxury for Tamara and Terry as it is filled with lavender which we know makes you relax at night. Do you use a weighted pillow? Let us know

Tamara and Terry

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