What’s funny about an MRI?

OK why is getting a MRI in our funny section of our blog? Well let’s just say Tamara and Terry have had multiple MRIs on an annual basis for 25 years.  

Tick-tock, click and clatter and pounding noises are the wonderful sounds you hear for an hour or more.. The highlight we look forward to is our nap during this awesome (hehe) Experience.

Well we are pros and look forward to good news at our annual appointment which would mean no more new lesions one the brain or spinal cord.  

One may ask why do doctors suggested MRI’s  for people with multiple sclerosis. MRI stands for magnetic Resonance maging that looks for scarring on the brain or spinal cord. They usually show up as bright spots if they are new lesions or old. We always hope for good news that we have no new lesions on our brain or spinal cord.

On MRI the brain looks like a butterfly , see pictures below,  so looking on the bright side our brain is one big butterfly.

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