Terry’s Health Review – 2020

As I reflect on year 2020 there were many ups and downs. I noticed that my MS became scary as I stopped walking in early 2020. My confidence and essence for life was challenged and brought up so much fear of what people might think of me.  Was I going to be looked at differently? Was my weak body going to interpret a weak mind?

Year 2020 made me dependent on daily tasks such as driving, cooking, caring for my family, and the worst caring for myself.  

Owning my “Circumstances” has allowed me just focus on what matters and not worry about the silly things that I have no control over.  

My husband is very wise he says you have control over your life and yes I do. 

Peace is living life for what it is, not for what you think it should be. Love life and live life as if tomorrow will never come so that each day has a purpose and meaning.  There are times I have to remind myself of this especially when I have hard days. Lately I found myself taking a step backwards but I remind myself of these words and dig deep. I often use meditation, Listening to soft music and note taking to get me through difficult times.

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