My Emergency Room Excursion

OK, One may ask how I stay positive, funny, creative, engaging, able to volunteer and give back time to others while finding the humor in life… Well the answer is I have no choice in the matter. God gives you one life to live and I chose to live it to its fullest.  

Recently Terry broke her rib and bruised her lung. I had to laugh as she was pulling away in an ambulance to go to her local hospital ER to spend the next eight hours being worked up for what she did when she fell over in her scooter.

Because of Covid, no family or friends could come with me to the ER. As I am sitting there looking at four walls and a TV, with no sound, I had to say to myself, it’s Halloween and people are having fun without me. My costume for this year with a hospital gown, ha ha.

I bought myself a CT scan for the night. The nurse then, said “we are going to give you IV contrast.” I thought to myself, yay I’m gonna feel like I need to pee, but not really.  Anyone that has experienced this procedure will know exactly what I’m talking about.

Living life in a wheelchair is difficult, but then I look on the bright side that I am mentally capable, lovable, funny, desirable, full of life, and want to see many more years of my family spending time together.

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