My DMV Journey

Today is a day that most people dread… I had to go to the DMV. This time, I have to get a handicap license plate for my new, wheelchair accessible minivan. Of course I’ve had the blue hanging tags for many years but the thought of a permanent license plate seems everlasting and permanent. 

For once, I did not have a negative experience at the DMV and here is how it went;  As we were pulling into the parking lot, it was so crowded and people were standing everywhere. I thought to myself, “oh my goodness this is going to take forever.” I got out of the car and checked in, outside, where the lady said there would be a 2 1/2 hour wait. I gave her my cell phone number and I strolled away.  Within minutes, she returned and told me to come on in. It was a blessing to wait inside, instead of outside in the Georgia heat. There were only about four people inside waiting, a rare sight to see at the DMV. I rolled to the counter and the gal helping me was very nice and helpful. I had all my documents (thank goodness) and I was finally handed my brand new license plate. 

Covid-19 has changed how the world lives their life but there are good, kind-hearted people out there, who are still thoughtful of people with disabilities. This was a great example of someone who could have just done their job and made me wait but truly understood that I would have struggled, physically, to wait outside for over 2 hours.  People like this make it easier to live with a disability. I truly believe my kindness, as well as hers, allowed me to have a wonderful experience even at the DMV. 

Unfortunately, not many Americans understand the importance of handicapped parking spots. Accessible parking is extremely important to people with a wide range of disabilities and something we have to constantly think about when going places. I can tell you a multitude of times where there has not been a handicap accessible parking spot and now that I have an accessible mini-van, I have to think even more about parking every time we go out. Now I not only need accessible parking, I need room on the side for my ramp to deploy. 

Check back with us in a few weeks, as we are partnering with different companies for wheelchair accessibility and giving examples of handicap parking spaces.

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